今日の注目!! Jihyo Loses Her Cool, X1 Disbands, Treasure 13 Redebut 12/14/2019

Talking TWICE Jihyo’s savage comments, X1 officially disbands, IZ*ONE Future, Treasure 13 Redebut plans to Treasure, Jay Park donates to Australian Fire Relief


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37 thoughts on “今日の注目!! Jihyo Loses Her Cool, X1 Disbands, Treasure 13 Redebut 12/14/2019

  1. Guys! U should go to twitter. Someone said that they saw dongpyo and dohyon going to swing building. We still have hopes one it! Also MBK just deactivate their acct on ig.

  2. What does being a feminist have to do with standing up for yourself. Even non feminists stand up for themselves so I’m confused. Is this Korea’s way of saying that she is PMSing or something. That’s the weirdest thing I heard yet. It’s sad people are still making outlandish claims. It reminds me when people centuries ago would accuse women of being a witch if they didn’t fit societies status quo. Absolutely ridiculous.


  4. Thankfully it’s starting to look a little cloudy in my area and we’ve gotten a few sprinkles and I really hope that there is a nice, heavy storm for about a few days to help calm the fires down and put an end to this drought as well

  5. I feel so bad for the Australians having to live through this and having to leave their homes, I can’t understand why people are underestimating what is happening there like there is literally so much fire and therefore smoke that we IN NEW ZEALAND can see the smoke like wtf, the sky is a yellowy grey colour here now…

  6. Thank you for raising awareness about our situation in Australia. It’s a very scary time for us as so many have had to be evacuated from their homes and towns. Many people have died and even more injured including some volunteer firefighters, who have given up their lives for the cause. Please pray for us.

  7. When bangchan started crying so did I, I’m Australian( on holidays right now) so I haven’t really seen how bad it’s gotten back home. And I miss home bro too and plus it’s Bang Chan crying

  8. I'm a little broke at the moment to donate money for the fires in Australia but I have been making dua (praying) that everyone is safe. If there are Aussie viewers, I hope you and your families are safe! xx

  9. KJ, as a long time viewer from Sydney… thank you so much. You truly are the best youtuber and set an example for so many others. Thank you for using your platform to spread positivity, support and awareness for really important issues. Although I don't know you personally, I can tell what an incredible person you are and I can't express how touched I was seeing you talk about the situation here. It really is tiring and difficult everyday and so many people are living in fear and anxiety over whether their home will be there when they return. They're showing horrifying images of animals in their excruciating final moments on the news. Thousands of people have lost everything and it's terrifying not knowing if you're next or when it will end. The firefighters are the heroes of our country at the moment, but it's so moving to see the whole world come together and step up when even our own leaders won't. I'm joining my Community Fire Unit and hope to do what I can on the ground for my own neighbourhood, and I please urge you whether you're in Australia or not, to do what you can, keep us in your thoughts, and think about the true impact of our changing planet – because this is only going to get worse. The floods in Indonesia and the fires in Australia are such scary reminders of what the future holds.

    My love and support to the people who have been affected by these fires, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help – especially if you're ever in Sydney.

    Again, thank you so much. I love you KJ and everyone who reads this. I hope you all stay safe, no matter where you are ❤️

    Also, I love how all these overseas fans are able to donate but here I am, just hours from the fires, broke as hell and unable to help. I'M SORRY MY FELLOW AUSSIES

  11. God that rosé clip is breaking me on inside. The aussie lines must be so sad hearing the news… But then again, fans of aussie lines have donated so much money in their name to various Australian funds, it makes me so happy we aren't just showing sympathy over the internet, but also actually helping their families, friends and their HOMELAND. I read about so many fanpages adopting koalas and donating to animal centres, blinks have donated thousands in all the four members names (of course for rosé it was the highest) and many other fandoms who don't even have an aussie line donating and spreading awareness. This makes my heart so happy, that we can use our interests for betterment of the world. Prayers for Australia and all the people and animals there…

  12. thank you so much for helping out with donations, it’s honestly one of the scariest things i’ve encountered, just fearing that i will have to evacuate my home and lose it to fire. unfortunately heaps of these fires are started by people and enchanced by the 40°+ days. i personally live in a suburb which has reached the hottest temperature in the WORLD on multiple occasions and i’m sure you can imagine how dangerous it is.

    if you can please please please donate, spread awareness and pray with us. it is like living in an apocalypse.

    i’m linking my tweet with multiple foundations in the thread which you can donate to.


  13. As an Australian living close to the Sydney fires, everyone's support really means the world. Thank you for spreading awareness on this situation and to everyone that has donated. Everyone's messages made me tear up- Thank you so much for all of this support, I hope you have an amazing day/night <3


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