86400 releases metal incense stand “Scented Guruma”

86400 GK announced the release of “Scented Guruma” on October 26th. A metal incense stand that looks like a wheel. From October, it will be sold at the official online shop for 3,900 yen (excluding tax). “Scented Guruma” is an incense stand made of a circular plate. Put an incense stick on the shaft and use it by standing it diagonally on the ash tray. You can coordinate the space by using your favorite plate for the ash tray. You can adjust the angle to your liking by moving the circular plate up and down. One of the shaft holes has a diameter of 2.3 mm and the other has a diameter of 2.6 mm, making it compatible with thin and thick incense sticks. The diameter size of “Scented Guruma” is 72mm for a circular plate and 4mm for a shaft. The material is brass.

Official online shop: https://86400.tokyo/shop/

86400 GK
URL: https://86400.tokyo/
Price: 3,900 yen (excluding tax)

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