A “5G connecting device” that connects various devices to a 5G network.From Kyocera

On October 15, Kyocera Corporation developed a “5G connecting device” that connects various devices to a 5G network. The company announced that it will sell in limited quantities to corporations from mid-October. Full-scale sales are scheduled for spring 2021 or later. This product is a connecting device that can connect a wide variety of devices to 5G networks, whether wired or wireless. It supports USB Type-C ™, Wi-Fi® (Wi-Fi6 compatible), Bluetooth®, etc., and by using a conversion adapter, it can also be connected from HDMI, RS232C, and wired LAN ports.

It supports dual SIM and can be used in both the NSA (non-standalone) method using the existing 4G network and the 5G independent network SA (standalone) method, so it can be used in both the public network and the local network. It can also be used for use cases.

In addition, by installing an edge-computing CPU in the main unit, it is possible to process data and provide feedback on a single device, reduce the load on the cloud, and realize highly reliable data processing in real time.

In addition, it supports 5 positioning systems such as GPS and GLONASS * 1 and A-GPS * 2, enabling highly accurate positioning. It is a product that enables early introduction of 5G according to corporate issues and needs at business sites such as factories, manufacturing sites, medical care, security, and energy infrastructure.

For product inquiries, please visit the Kyocera website.

* 1 GLONASS: Positioning system using Russian artificial satellites
* 2 GPS technology that obtains location information by using the communication network of mobile phones as an auxiliary along with radio waves from artificial satellites Kyocera Corporation
URL: https://www.kyocera.co.jp/prdct/telecom/office/phone/5gcd-prt01/index.html?atpress

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