Added new function to buy ingredients required for recipes with free shipping

Image Cookpad Inc. announced that it will add a free shipping shopping function within the app. The shopping function is a new function that can be used by selecting the pick-up location you want to use from the “Kaimono Settings” icon at the bottom of the Cookpad app screen and making initial settings.

If you look at the ingredients section of the recipe page, you’ll see an icon for the ingredients you can buy, which you can add to your cart to order.

You can also use the search on the Kaimono tab to find and order the ingredients you want from the categories.

Ingredients that can be purchased include ingredients directly from local producers and markets, and the purchased products are kept fresh on the day of shipment, and are installed in the nearest areas such as convenience stores, condominiums, and station premises. Will be delivered to.
“Mart Station” is currently installed in about 200 locations, mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture.

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