An event to talk about Korean and Japanese binding of “Kim Ji Young, born in 1982” will be held online

“‘Born in 1982, Kim Ji-young’ Japan-Korea book design talk” From 15:00 to 16:30 on Saturday, November 28, 2020, “K-BOOK Festival” (https://k-bookfes. As part of com /), an online talk event “The power to create a bestseller-until the birth of two” Kim Ji-young “-” will be held. The content focuses on the “binding” of Cho Nam-ju’s book, “Born in 1982, Kim Ji-young,” which was published in South Korea and became a social phenomenon and was released by Chikuma Shobo Co., Ltd. in Japan. The Korean version and the Japanese version have completely different designs, but they talk about what kind of idea they came from. On the cover of this book, the Korean version of the original book depicts the back and shadow of a woman in monotone, and the Japanese version has become a hot topic for the “faceless face” visual. At this event, Choi Ji-eun, who was in charge of designing the Korean version, and Naoko Nakui, who was in charge of the Japanese version, will be on stage as speakers. Yuka Kuwahata, a writer and translator, acts as a moderator and explores the “secret of binding” by two book designers. The participation fee is 1,500 yen, the capacity is 300 people, and the ticket purchase period is until 12:00 on the day of Saturday, November 28th. On the day of the event, the online conferencing system Zoom Webiner will be used, and you will be contacted by the registered email address after purchasing the ticket regarding how to participate. K-BOOK Festival Executive Committee

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