Felissimo and ringed seal mini cushions for a limited time

On October 27, Felissimo Co., Ltd. announced the start of online sales of “Omanju Seal Yuki-chan Mochiri Cushion ” and “Nohon Azara Shiarare-chan Mochiri Cushion ” from “YOU + MORE!”. A mini-sized cushion of ringed seals in collaboration with the Osaka aquarium “Kaiyukan”. From October 21st, it will be sold at “YOU + MORE!” For 2,500 yen (excluding tax). This product is a mini cushion that reproduces the popular seal of “Kaiyukan”. Although it was sold only at Kaiyukan, it will be sold at Felissimo mail order as a limited-time product. It’s about the height of a drink can and is very compact. The sleeping face of “Arale-chan”, who has a strong grayish “Yuki-chan”, is a cute item. When placed side by side with the big size, the size stands out and becomes even more cute. The size of this product is approximately 33 cm in length x 17 cm in width x 16 cm in height. The material is a blend of polyester and polyurethane, and the inner cotton is 100% polyester.

Product page: https://www.felissimo.co.jp/youmore/gcd780437/

Felissimo Co., Ltd.
URL: https://www.felissimo.co.jp/
Price: 2,500 yen (excluding tax)

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