Print pack starts “antibacterial varnish printing”!Introducing multiple products that include printing and antibacterial varnish coating

Printpac Co., Ltd. “Antibacterial varnish printing” Printpac Co., Ltd. is selling a new product “Antibacterial varnish printing”. For printed matter that uses this “antibacterial varnish printing”, the “SIAA mark” can be downloaded from the company’s website and laid out, further appealing “safety”. It supports products such as leaflets, posters, saddle stitch booklets, and large-format DMs, and the number of compatible products will continue to increase in the future. It can be widely used in various industries such as tourism, restaurants, and events / entertainment. “Antibacterial varnish printing” of Printpac Co., Ltd. is a printing product that combines printing and antibacterial varnish coating. It can be expected to have the effect of suppressing the growth of bacteria on the surface of printed matter, and will meet the recent demand for “safety”. “Antibacterial” is distinguished from sterilization and eradication, which temporarily kills and removes bacteria by preventing the growth of bacteria over a long period of time. “SIAA” is an organization formed by manufacturers of antibacterial and antifungal agents and antibacterial and antifungal processed products and antibacterial testing organizations with the aim of popularizing appropriate and safe antibacterial and antifungal processed products. “SIAA” has established rules regarding quality and safety required for antibacterial processed products while listening to a wide range of opinions from consumer representatives, experts, governments, etc., and “SIAA” for products that meet these rules. The display of “mark” is permitted.Printpac Co., Ltd.

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