Recommended spicy cod roe popular with locals in Fukuoka Fukusaya Yamaya cod roe …

The spiciness is so hot-Spicy mustard Fukusaya

Mustard Mentai Fukusaya

Mustard Mentai Fukusaya

Fukusaya has been making delicious spicy cod roe in Fukuoka and Hakata.

A fortune shop that is perfect as a gift for your family

Fukusaya’s mustard noodles that are particular about raw eggs

I don’t know what to eat, I don’t know
The spiciness is just right

It is familiar with the CM of the time signal “I will inform you of 9 o’clock” sent by grandma and Mike.
Since its founding, Fukusaya has produced not only spiciness, but also “tasteful, moderate spiciness” using carefully selected peppers and fish sauce.
We deliver delicious mentaiko with “spicy spiciness” from Fukuoka to all over the country.


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