Sony releases “ELF-SR1”, a spatial reproduction display that allows 3DCG images to be viewed with the naked eye

Image Sony announced that it will start selling the “ELF-SR1” spatial reproduction (SR) display that enables high-definition 3DCG images to be viewed with the naked eye. The estimated market price is around 500,000 yen (excluding tax).
“ELF-SR1” This product is a box-type display device with a triangular prism lying down.

The display is equipped with a high-speed vision sensor and line-of-sight recognition technology, and always correctly detects the position of the viewer’s eyes.

The positions of the left and right eyes can be grasped in real time in the horizontal, vertical, and depth directions, and the light source image actually output from the display panel can be generated in real time based on the position information of the user’s eyes.

As a result, the correct viewpoint image is always presented to both eyes, and it feels as if the space or object is actually there.

The depth, texture, and appearance of the product can be realistically reproduced on the display, making it a device that allows all creators such as games, CG creators, architects, and car designers to express content.

As the place of use, display exhibitions in showrooms and museums, three-dimensional signage in stores, etc. are assumed. “ELF-SR1”
Estimated market price: around 500,000 yen (excluding tax)

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